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Related post: Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2003 19:28:14 -0800 From: Subject: Queer Life in Llanview- Chapter 4Disclaimer- I do bbs rika nishimura not own the characters of One Life to Live. They a e the soul property of ABC teen collection bbs free productions. I have no idea if any of these actors or characters are gay. If you aren't old enough to be reading this, well...don't....even though you will anyway. I want to dedicate this story to Backlash29 and Bill Drake other authors on here. Backlash's series Ryan's Hole and Bill's illegal girls bbs stories are some of the best erotic rompl backdoor bbs fiction I've read. I want to thank them for many enjoyable stories and for getting me hot and bothered enough to write some of my own. Thanks guys.This story doesn't exactly fit into the latest episodes for the series, but just try to use your imagination that Christian had some time in between saving Natalie and getting her out of town. From now on, I'm just going to write one story for OLTL once a week or ls top kds bbs when there seems to be a reason to. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to email me. In the mean time I'll be writing some other stories about hot guys, so look for those soon... Queer Life in Llanview Chapter 4RECAP: Last time in Llanview, Rex and Troy bumped bbs petite into each other on the docks, pissing off Troy who then used Rex as his personal fuck toy and stress reliever. The two left the free erotic bbs docks separately wondering when they'd meet again.Unbeknownst to either Troy or Rex, the two had a watcher standing in the shadows slowly rubbing his crotch and abs with a sneaky grin on his face. Seth stayed in the shadows bbs rape 8 age until he was sure both guys were gone. He knew Rex was trouble, but he wouldn't have guessed he was gay, though that did explain the clothes. Rex had been following Rex a lot trying to get some dirt on him, so that maybe he could get him out of Llandfair and away from Natalie. Mainly Seth just little teenz bbs hated Rex, and little girl bbs galleries now he had free xxx usenet bbs info to xxx free bbs get bbs young littel models to him. Seth had a plan for Rex.***the next day***Early the next day Seth picked up the phone at his apartment and called Christian. illegal naked bbs Seth knew that Christian didn't like darkcollections bbs galleries Rex anymore than he did. Seth just told Christian that Rex was up to something and to meet him at his apartment to talk about Rex. Christian agreed and said he'd be over later this afternoon.Seth then called his friend from school bbs forum boylove Blake. Seth had known Blake growing up, and he was as tough as Seth had once been. Blake had gotten into Llanview bbs girls girls U on a football scholarship, and had the body and size for it. Seth knew that Blake would totally get into his plan, and sure enough bbs galleriy Blake was totally for it when Seth explained it all.Seth then called Rex last."Hey fag boy." Seth whispered"What?...Who the fuck is this?" Rex yelled into the phone"It's your best friend Seth. Been fucking guys on the dock lately?" Seth asked with a laugh."What? I don't know what the fuck your on, but fucking leave me alone.""I'm not anything, Rexie...but you were on something big last night. You seemed to enjoy it too. Dr. MacGyver looked like he was enjoying your ass too.""How did you..? What do you want ass hole?" "Nothing really...just come over to my apartment. We're going to talk about how your going to leave town. Be here at 4, and don't bbss 4th step inventory you dare be late fuck wad.""Ok...just...just don't tell anyone about this...ok?""Sure Rexie sweetie...I won't tell cp bbs movie anyone how much of a queer bait you are..."With that, Rex slammed down the phone trying to figure out a way to get out of this. He didn't want to go back to his Aunt's and be more or less poor again.***Later that day at Seth's apartment****Blake arrived first eager to hear more from Seth about Rex and his plan. arrived soon after wondering what was up. Seth pulled him to shock sex bbs the other room and told him about how Rex was scheming money from Natalie and Mrs. Davidson to spend on drugs and girls. teeny bbs Christian was pretty pissed, and then Seth told him about what he saw Rex doing on the docks. A smile just spread across Christian's face, and Seth knew that he was ready. The three guys grabbed a few bears and top dolls bbs sat around talking about school until the heard a light knock on the door. All three perked up and grew an evil smile."Come in. The door's open." Rex yelled to the door.Rex walked in shyly and mouth porno bbs free dropped today pics lol bbs open when he saw who all was sitting in Seth's apartment."What's going on bbs shark board Seth? ranchi svens vombat bbs Umm...thought we were going to" Rex whispered over to Seth."Well, I decided that I needed help taking care of you, and your pretty little ass. Sit down.""You said you weren't gonna tell anyone promised." Rex whined"Shut up and sit down, you little fuck." Christian snapped. "You've been screwing over almost everyone I care about. It's about time someone screwed with your life."Rex sat down in adult movie bbs a flop in the chair resigned to take whatever these guys were going to do to him. Deep down, Rex was looking forward to this, especially after he saw topkds sun bbs Blake sitting in the corner. Blake was liking the look of Rex himself.Seth stood up and walked over teens images bbs to where Rex was sitting, and thrust his crotch into the side bbs xxx jp guestbook of Rex's face. Seth grabbed the top of Rex's head and tried to force 16 yo gallery bbs his head around to push Rex bbs lol vintage into his crotch."Come on Rex, show the guys how talented you proved you were last night."Rex let loose and turned his head, pushing his face into the growing hardness of Seth's crotch. Rex inhaled and could smell Seth's sweat and musk from his recent workout. Seth moaned feeling Rex mouth on his cock."Fuck man, he's really getting into it." Blake exclaimed."Told ya he was a hot piece." Seth said his hand gripping the top of Rex's head.Rex bbs lola imageboard reached up and began to pull down Seth's shorts and jock. His shorts slipped down photos of bbs models releasing a nice thick 7inches of cut meat. bbs links girls nude Rex immediately swallowed that real forbidden bbs meat causing a low moan from above. Rex began to lick all around the head and suck hard, as Seth put both of his hands on Rex's head and push in and out.Chris and Blake both stood up and freeedom bbs began to slip off their shirts. Christian looked over at Blake and began to admire this guy's body. Blake was about 6'2 and 200 pounds top bbs model of muscle and lean stud meat with deep dark eyes, and a 9inch cock. Chris unbuttoned his pants and let the fall to the floor as he turned his attention back to Seth fucking Rex's mouth.Christian and Blake walked up to Rex with their cocks pointing to little girls portal bbs the sky each rubbing themselves lewdly as they watched Seth use Rex's little mouth. The two new studs began slapping their dicks teens bbs mpegs against Rex's cheeks and face."Go on boy, take care of your other friends Rexie" Seth said as he pulled his dick from Rex's mouth.Rex turned his attention to Blake's long thick cock and Christian's thick uncut piece of meat. Rex moaned feeling both of these stud's cocks in his hands as he jerked them and licked his lips. Rex dove onto Chris's cock first as he was most curious kdz pic bbs what this Latin stud tasted teen angels nubiles bbs like. Rex licked all over Chris's cock as he gave Blake a hand job. Rex loved the feel of Chris's foreskin and all the precum that was coming out of the Puerto Rican cock.Blake got tired of bbs 12 years nuked the hand job and grabbed Rex's face and forced it over his own throbbing cock. Rex let out a long moan at being dominated by such a hung stud. Blake had both his hands on Rex's head fucking his mouth. Blake was really enjoying the mouth fuck and was telling Rex what a nice little cocksucker he was.Seth was enjoying the show but then grew some of his bbs cp pictures own desires. Seth had looked at Chris's ass on more than one occasion, and was wondering now what it might taste like. youngest bbs dark As Chris jerked on his own cock watching rex be sodomized, Seth quietly kneeled behind Chris, spread his ass open, and leaned in for a long lick and taste. binaries bbs girls Chris only had a second to react before he felt Seth's tongue touch his asshole. Chris just moaned and leaned over to give Seth more access to his ass. Seth just smiled in between licks and really started to press his face up Christian's ass. Chris's ass was sweaty, musky, but clean, and Seth was enjoying it so much.Blake had continued to fuck bbs biz ls Rex's mouth until he started to get close to losing it. Then girl child bbs forums he pulled the little pussy boy off his cock and crammed the boys face into his sweaty balls. Blake had just come from an intense workout at ilegal bbs girls naked school so he knew that they would be plenty sweaty for the little whore. Rex didn't even pause as zepps bbs ranchi he started to lap at bbs asian lo the huge smooth balls now on his lips. Rex started licking porn bbs directories all around those balls trying to get more sweat into his mouth. Rex was dying of passion over this jock stud.Seth had satiated himself on Chris's ass and turned the moaning Latino around and engulfed his cock. Seth was using his hands to milk more of Christian's precum out onto his tongue. bestiality art bbs Christian bbs lola real just young loita bbs leaned back, closed his eyes, and spread ranchi bbs lola his legs as he enjoyed Seth's mouth."Ah mio...feels like you've done this before Seth?" Christian said in between moans."A few times. Growing up photo angel bbs in rough neighborhoods I had to do whatever to survive the really tough kids." Seth replied in between deepthroating Christ "I can tell my brown cock white boy?" Christian moaned with a smile."Oh yeah this hooded monster...taste so ripe and manly." Seth cooed.Rex had worked all the way back to Blake's ass which he was furiously tonguing. Blake got tired of standing and knelt down on his knees and let Rex get behind him. Blake spread his ass cheeks wide to give Rex full access to his sweaty trench. Rex licked his lips once and dove into Blake's ass. Blake moaned as he felt Rex's tongue slide further up his hole than ever before."Ahh sex preeteen bbs slut like my sweaty ass?""mmm hmmm" was all Rex could manage with his tongue trapped in Blake's hole." that ass Rexie baby...Make me feel good...Ahhh man...may just have to bbs porn dark keep you around more." Blake whispered "It's bbs kds top100 my turn baby."Blake pulled Rex from his ass and had him lay back on Seth's bed with his feet dangling over the end. Blake pulled Rex's legs up into the air and pushed them back to Rex's chest, fully exposing Rex's hot little sex bbs teen jap hole."Hold your legs just like that baby...gotta take care of something first. Seth, you got a razor handy?"Rex started to worry about what the fuck they were going to use a bbslist kid razor for, but didn't dare move."Yeah, in the bathroom on the sink, why?""Gotta clean this little pussy up." Blake said as he ran into the bathroom, grabbing the razor, and boy bbs cp then got back to kneel at the foot of the bed so Rex's hole was right in underground bbs list front of his face.Blake smeared some of the soap he had grabbed too on the max board bbs kiki sides of Rex's ass and then spit on the hole to moisten the crack even more."What are you doing?" Rex asked and pleaded."Cleaning up my little pussy. I don't fuck hairy pussy baby...I gotta have you smooth and bbs kid girl clean like you were meant to be." Blake respondedWith that, Blake began using the razor on Rex's ass removing the hair from his ass. Both sides were perfectly clean before long and Blake decided to go ahead and get all the hair off of Rex's balls too.While Blake was shaving his new pussy, Seth was still sucking on Christian's meat. Christian pulled svens rxero sunbbs Seth onto the floor and got him into a 69 so that Chris could get to Seth's ass. Christian started rimming Seth's tight little ass making Seth stop his sucking, sit up, and moan. Seth let Chris rim his ass for a little bit and then he nonnudde bbs crawled off of the Latin god. Seth laid next to Chris and the two began to make out.Blake had finished his shave job on Rex's ass and cleaned up the mess. Blake's cock had deflated a bit so he hopped onto the bed and fed his cock back to a waiting Rex. Then Blake leaned down and started tonguing the freshly shaved ass causing young tpg bbs sex Rex to convulse as he realized how sensitive his ass now was. Rex started sucking harder on Blake's cock as Blake dived into the smooth ass. Blake had his purchase bbs tongue up Rex's rose bud until he felt that his cock was back to it's rock hard position.Blake sat up announced to the room "Boys, this ass is ready to be fucked!"Christian and Seth looked up from the make out session and smiled. The two crawled up onto the bed on either ls bbs great side of Rex, holding bbs booska jp his arms down and slapping his face with their cocks. Blake grabbed his cock and pushed it into Rex's ass letting it slip around the smooth skin. Rex moaned and wiggled his ass as he so wanted this huge cock to plow his ass. Blake finally positioned the head at Rex's hole and firmly pushed in letting the head slip in. Rex almost screamed from the pressure sex bbs picture he was feeling inside. Seth leaned down and kissed Rex to keep him from screaming out too much.Blake let his cock stay for a minute until he felt Rex start to get used to it. Then he started small in and out motions letting a little more slip in each time he pushed in. Finally Blake had all 9inches stuck up Rex's ass. Rex could barely breath from all the things convulsing in his body and Seth's mouth firmly over his.Blake really started pumping his pussy's ass moaning and groaning at the feeling of that tight ass. Christian was loving seeing this hung stud fuck Rex. Chris knew he didn't have to hold Rex down as he was use to the cock inside him now, so Chris crawled off the bed russian top bbs and kneeled behind Blake. Christian had watched as Rex got to suck out Blake's butt and wanted to taste it for himself, so he leaned in, pedoworld top bbs inhaled deeply the scent of this stud, and then dove in with his tongue."ahh fuck yeah buddy, eat my ass while I fuck this little pussy" Blake yelled out.Seth stopped kissing Rex finally and crawled up on top of him and sat his ass right down on Rex's face. bbs 12yo pedo Rex didn't care, and started eating out his worst enemy. All four guys were going hot and heavy.Blake finally got close and announced to the group that he was cumming. Blake pumped a few more times and then pulled his meat from Rex's well sued ass. Seth continued to ride Rex's tongue, but leaned forward and grabbed Blake's wet dick sun bbs young models and slipped it into his own mouth, as Blake exploded. Seth swallowed that real childporn bbs huge load of cum, tasting both the cum and Rex's ass. Blake held onto his buddy's head as he continued to pump angel model bbs his load down Seth's throat."Next!" Blake yelled after he finally recovered.Christian had stood up and moistened his own cock with his spit. Blake moved from between Rex's legs and sat on the bed as Seth continued to suck and clean his dick. Christian moved in between Rex's legs and pushed his cock right into Rex's ass. Rex didn't need much loosening after the assault by Blake's monster, but he still et out a cp bbs rompl long groan when Chris's cock sank deep into him. Christian grabbed Rex's ankles and spread storyboard bbs his legs wide to give his cock full access."Oh nubile sexy girls bbs yeah...fuck me hard Christ...make me your bitch...I just love your cock" Rex moaned surprising Chris."You really a re a bbs nudism little faggot aren't like being fucked don't ya? got a real tight ass baby...feels so good from where he shaved you...yeah..gonna fuck that ass...ahh mi chulo...""fuck me Chris...cum up my ass" Rex tight jeans bbs begged"Oh yeah Rex...I'm gonna fucking breed your ass!"While Chris pounded away at Rex's ass, Seth had helped Blake restore his cock to full on hardness by sucking Blake's balls and fingering his ass. The two enjoyed their leisurely suck off as they watched the furious fuck Chris was giving to Rex. Seth licked all over Blake's cock, just like old times, but he really wanted to fuck Rex's ass and take out some payback. Chris pre girl bbs finally came and shot his cream up into Rex's ass making Rex moan and shake on the bed. Christian pulled out and collapsed face down on the bed next to Rex, letting his cummy cock pulse beneath him.Rex saw his opportunity and turned Rex over onto his stomach. Seth got behind Rex and plowed his cock all the way up Rex's ass. Seth just grabbed Rex's ass on both sides and furiously fucked the little prick while cursing him and talking obscenely about Rex. Seth was enjoying getting back at the boy that had ruined him and amateur bbs forum Jess, and honestly Rex was enjoying being degraded and fucked by Seth.Meanwhile Blake was rock hard again and needed something to do with his prick. Rex was too far gone and convulsing from Seth's pedo sex forums bbs fuck to be of any use cp kindergarten bbs pedo for a hummer. Blake looked over at the spent Christian and his tight round little ass. Blake got behind the hot latino and began licking at his ass. Christian could only moan at the feeling of a hot tongue on his ass, as he didn't have the energy to move. Blake finally got Chris's ass lubed up and laid on top of Christian with his dick wedged between Chris's ass cheeks. Christian just moaned until he felt the cock slip in and start to work its way inward. These feelings made Christian wake up more and let out a loud grunt and moan of pain and pleasure. Blake just laughed and started working his dick farther up the boys ass. Christian finally got over the initial feeling of being split in two, free bbs ru little and began to enjoy the feeling of this hot jock body laying on top of him and this steel hard cock massaging his insides and prostate. Blake really started riding Chris's ass just as Chris had done to dark bbs lollita cp Rex. Chris loved every minute of the assault on his ass, as he pushed his ass back against the hard cock.Seth bbs nudes gallery finally let out a large "fuck" and came inside of Rex's ass. By this point Rex was delirious and could sexy pearl kids bbs only moan and run his hands over his body or the body of whoever was fucking him. Blake was bbs virgin young having a nice time inside Chris, but he saw Rex's hole empty and wanted to be the last guy to fill his little pussy with cum. Blake stood up slowly pulling his cock from Chris's ass and then let it plunge right back into Rex's causing Rex's eyes to open wide and a scream of pleasure erupt form his mouth. Blake put the boys legs over his shoulders and began a slow fuck.Christian needed something back up his ass, so he straddled the deliriously happy Rex and let Rex's dick slip into his ass. It wasn't as big as Blake's but it satisfied Chris's need at the moment as he bounded up and down on Rex as he felt Rex being fucked behind him. Seth crawled into the pile and started sucking Chris's bouncing cock. All four guys moaned as they pleasured themselves.Rex had been so stimulated that it didn't take much of Chris's ass to make him bust a nut into Chris's butt. The feel of Rex's cream shooting inside him made him go over the edge."I'm gonna cum Seth." Chris moaned.Seth pulled off and aimed Chris's cock at Rex's open mouth. Chris show off four large loads that landed in and around Rex's mouth. After Seth finished milking the last few drops which he cleaned up, bbs lsm pictures he gymnastics bbs photos knelt over Rex's face and began cleaning the cum off up and kissing Rex as well.All the cumming coaxed another load young anime girls bbs out of Blake, causing him to shoot another huge load into his baby's ass. Blake continued fucking the smooth little pussy for another few minutes until his dick started to deflate again.All four guys collapsed on the bed breathing hard and feeling each other up for a few minutes. Chris popped up and said he had to get back to Natalie, dressed, and then was out the door. Seth got up and headed for the shower leaving Blake laying back as Rex cuddled up next to him reeling form his sore ass."You living around here Rex?""With my mom right now." Rex hoarsely whispered back"Not any more, your gonna come live with lol top bbs me in my dorm room.""I can't do that man...this was just a one time thing...I'm no fag.""Yeah...right...your not a bbs cuties fag. You're my pussy boy, and you are gonna live with me, cause you know you want this big dick again. don't bbs pics list ya boy?" Blake said as he reached his finger down to Rex's used hole.Rex just moaned and cuddled closer to Blake inhaling the manly scent of his first boyfriend and the guy that was gonna fuck his ass everyday Rex hoped.
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